Don’t get bogged down with the process and the price. Just write, already–put the pen to paper, start clicking away on that keyboard…use a crayon and the back of a cocktail napkin, if that’s all you have on hand…just get it done. Getting your thoughts on paper is always the hardest part–so put your creative energy into that process, rather than focusing on good grammar, polished prose, and prohibitively priced proofreaders. Once you’re happy with how you’ve expressed your idea, or made your point, or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish with your writing, send it to me. Your project will emerge as clean, precise, and easy-to-read as humanly possible–without losing your personality and voice.


Working with Deana on this project was a pure pleasure. She knocked it out of the park starting with her proposal. As a first-time author, seeing samples of her work the way she presented them made it easy for me to visualize the quality of the work that she would deliver upon completion. And when we started the project she didn’t disappoint. She was very responsive to my questions and made suggestions that have helped make this book much better than it was when I started it. I’m looking forward to working on future projects with her.

EJ, 4/9/18

Deana was exactly what this project needed. She took the initiative and made suggestions that helped make the manuscript a better overall final product. She was patient and responsive with answering questions and she brought the project home well within the deadline. Working with her far exceeded my expectations!

E. Ogenyi, 4/19/18

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