Don’t get bogged down with the process. Just write, already–put the pen to paper, start clicking away on that keyboard…use a crayon and the back of a cocktail napkin, if that’s all you have on hand…just get it done. Getting your thoughts on paper is always the hardest part–so put your creative energy into that process, rather than focusing on good grammar and polished prose. Once you’re happy with how you’ve expressed your idea, or made your point, or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish with your writing, send it to me. I’ll make sure it is as clean, precise, and easy-to-read as humanly possible–without changing the overall personality and voice of your work.


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When is a writer like a gymnast?

(Originally posted on writealready2017) When they stick the landing. OK…I know…worst punch line ever. But, hey–I never claimed to be a comedienne. And besides–it’s true. But more on that momentarily. No matter what your preference as a writer–novel, memoir, essay, poetry–we are all trying to craft the best piece possible. Much like other endeavors (dance, … Continue reading When is a writer like a gymnast?

#amwriting: the role of the #proofreader — Life in the Realm of Fantasy

I am nearly at the end of the editing process on my new novel, Billy Ninefingers, a tale set in Huw the Bard’s world. When I am finished with the revisions, I will format my manuscript to be uploaded as both eBook and paper books. At that point, I will be looking for proof readers. […] … Continue reading #amwriting: the role of the #proofreader — Life in the Realm of Fantasy

Cut to Bleed

Originally posted on BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog:
by Jan Priddy Find the sentence where the essay turns glorious or cruel. Make that the beginning. Imagine running a race, that instant the starting gun cracks, the moment later when you reach full speed. Start your essay there, at a full sprint. Sometimes the best line arrives…

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