Don’t get bogged down with the process and the price. Just write, already–put the pen to paper, start clicking away on that keyboard…use a crayon and the back of a cocktail napkin, if that’s all you have on hand…just get it done. Getting your thoughts on paper is always the hardest part–so put your creative energy into that process, rather than focusing on good grammar, polished prose, and prohibitively priced proofreaders. Once you’re happy with how you’ve expressed your idea, or made your point, or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish with your writing, send it to me. I’ll work my magic–a.k.a. my expert copyediting and proofreading skills–and your project will emerge as clean, as precise, and as easy-to-read as humanly possible–without losing your personality and voice.

My particular specialty is in-depth copyediting of manuscripts–novels, memoirs, non-fiction, etc.–but I am no less skilled at small-scale projects, websites, and blog posts. I offer light proofreading services as well as deep copyediting, and I enjoy every minute of it. I am passionate about what I do, and I strongly feel that when you love your job, the results of your labor are always stellar!

Also, any editor worth her salt is also a strong writer–and if you are looking for an experienced content writer for your website, I’m your girl.

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“I needed this project turned around fast and Deana got it done well ahead of the timeline…without compromising quality. She also took the initiative to make suggestions and tweaks that made the sales copy more compelling.Working with Deana on this project was a pure pleasure; I enjoyed working with her and I’m looking forward to doing so again on future projects.”–E. J. Ogenyi, May 2018

Ebook support material copyedit

“Deana is SUPER easy to work with! She’s incredibly quick, and pays attention to the most finite details! With one fell swoop, she caught on to the vision of our company and it was as if we were working with a proof reader who’s been working with us internally for a while. She’s THAT good. To find someone who’s super responsive, pays careful attention to detail and adapts to our company vision in such a short amount of time – she’s worth hiring many times over. I highly recommend Deana!! She’s very skillful and a joy to work with!”–C. Herold, May 2018

Website proofread/copyedit

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