Writing is Everything

This day, too, shall come for me…

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avk_headshot--hair_loose (1)By Ann V. Klotz

These days, not a lot of writing is happening in my life.  Even at the writing retreat I had looked forward to all year, I produced very little; my school needed me—about twelve times—and my family needed me: my adult-ing daughters, my teenage son, my husband.  Finally, I surrendered, realizing I would not be doing as much writing as I had hoped.  We can’t choose when we are needed.  I consoled myself with the idea that perhaps there would something to learn to write about later.  Six weeks post-retreat, the need to write is making itself manifest a million times a day.  Earlier this week, I heard myself saying to my husband, “Yes, right now,” but in my head, I had said, “Yes, write now.”  Writing is everything.

Even when I am not really writing, the rhythms of my life remind me of writing or of…

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