Write, Already…on heeding my own advice (insert sheepish emoticon).

By Deana Coddaire

It’s time for me to confess. With a website name like “Write, Already!”, one would think that the creator of said website would adhere to her admonition. The hard, painful, and shameful truth of the matter is that, other than creating the “About” page on this site, I haven’t written anything longer than a thank-you note in more than a year.  Yes, you read that right. More than a YEAR. I’ve allowed all of the things which should have been fuel for my writing to become excuses to not write. Good things, like finding the job of my dreams by brazenly cold-calling a tiny publishing house to offer my time and talent free of charge until a position opened up, or taking a week-long bucket-list vacation in Bermuda with dear friends…and bad-to-terrible things, like my beloved new part-time job becoming a full-time position of duties I would never want to spend an entire day performing, or my dear mother-in-law’s passing, after a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer.

It is so very easy to fall out of the habit of writing every day, and yet the fact that I am not writing weighs heavily on my mind. It may not always be at the forefront of my thoughts, but that guilty “I really should get back to writing” feeling never truly goes away. It’s like the sound of a nearby leaf blower in the hands of a rake-intolerant neighbor, intermittently shattering a peaceful autumn afternoon–and just when you think he’s done, the grating, undulating whine cranks back up and finds its way into the center of your brain.

Yeah, it’s like that.

So, here’s what I’m going to do–and you’re going to help me, without even lifting a finger. I’m putting it out there, right here and now, that I will be writing an original post here on my website, at least once every week. Underwhelming, I know. But you know what they say. Baby steps.

Now let’s go write something.

3 thoughts on “Write, Already…on heeding my own advice (insert sheepish emoticon).

  1. Yes, GO! It will be worth it. And you can do this! Let me suggest a 10 minute free write every day. I find free writes such a relief and often inspiring. At least I have written something.


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