Where’s a stick of chalk when you really need one?

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For those of you not familiar with me or my hangups, I’m a grammar freak.

Not in the sense that I can expertly and effortlessly diagram any sentence, or succinctly explain why a sentence is wrong…but simply because I know when something is wrong, and how to fix it. One of my biggest pet peeves (and there are oh-so-many, as my children are wont to point out) is when there are typos publicly displayed by any place of business–be it a sign by the road, a menu, an in-store placard…you get the drift.

Here is an example–one which I’ve driven by on a daily basis this entire week:

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 12.33.08 PM.png

I had driven by three days in a row before I finally pulled over to snag a picture. Each day, I thought to myself, “Surely someone would have corrected it by now.” Nope. It’s still there today. I suppose I could assuage my annoyance with this glaring act of carelessness and unprofessionalism by telling myself that this busy small business owner is probably far more concerned with the day-to-day minutiae of running said small business. I also suppose that one could turn this around, and wonder, “Doesn’t this woman have anything better to do with her time than document other people’s grammatical oversights?”

Of course I do. But…let’s just call it a fixation. I just can’t. Let. It. GO.

I’m sure every one of my family members and friends are fed up to here with me, consistently pointing out the inevitable typo on almost every menu I’ve laid eyes on. And God help the poor soul that speaks the words “astericks” or “spicket” within range of my hearing. While I’d be able to restrain myself from actually correcting the guilty party (unless, of course, it happened to be a close acquaintance), I’m sure the speaker in question would surely be alarmed by the sudden expression of extreme discomfort and distaste that would undoubtedly take over my face as soon as the offending word (or non-word, really) was uttered; I imagine I’d look as though I’d accidentally ingested a mealy bug, or sliced my tongue open licking an envelope.

Anyway. These are the things on my mind today. Enjoy the holidays–keep your eyes and ears open for writing inspiration in the coming days, no matter what you’ll be doing, and I’ll do the same. But first, I have to go back and proofread this blog entry.

Now let’s go write something.

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