To dive, or not to dive? On getting back into the “swim” of things with my writing…


Now that I’ve eased myself back into a (semi) regular writing routine, I’m feeling the need to up the ante a bit. I suppose posting here once or twice per week is writing–and it’s far better than my pace a few months ago…which was zilch. But as I go through this process of re-immersing myself in the creative pool of writing, I find that I need to enter said pool by way of the ladder, rather than diving in. So…the first rung of my descent was my commitment to posting an original entry here once per week. Check. Great–one step down…and for the sake of a concrete metaphor, let’s say this ladder has three rungs that I’ll have to climb down before I’m afloat. Two more to go…and I think I know what the next rung will entail.

I’ve always known that I need a deadline in order to work effectively. Something about the pressure that a strict timeline imposes really gets my creativity firing–and, of course, there’s also the fact that it’s far too easy to put off something that doesn’t have to be done, something that is without consequence if you don’t finish it. And now, to my extreme surprise, I’ve come to realize that, not only do I enjoy a deadline, but I also like having an assignment to guide my writing.

Don’t get me wrong–I enjoy a good free-write, and there’s no lack of weird stuff swirling around in my head for me to put down on paper. But I’m learning that, in order to channel my focus and force me to stretch my creative muscles, I need some direction–a general idea to elaborate upon and flesh out. A prompt.

And–voilá! I have my next rung. So…

I’m not sure about the exact nuts and bolts of how I’m going to proceed–but whether I use someone else’s writing prompt site (like this one)or close my eyes and open up to a page in a dictionary (risky), I plan on sharing it here. What exactly the form and format will be is also unknown at this point…but feel free to tag along with me as I figure it out.

Now let’s go write something.