Things that make me go…AAARRGGHHHH!!

There is a time and place for opinion in the world of journalism. I mean, I enjoy a well-constructed, firmly substantiated editorial as well as the next gal…as long as it is labeled as such.

Last week, while reading our local weekly paper (free, I should add), I came across a paragraph tucked away in the midst of an article that was purportedly giving us the facts about the ongoing debate regarding the sale of marijuana in town, and the potential issues that may ensue.

Read on for a stellar example of impartial, non-judgmental, neutral journalism: “…the town cannot hope to take in enough from the taxation on the sale of marijuana to…deal with the influx of reefer madness that might result as other area towns enact bans of their own, potentially forcing

stoners to trek into Kennebunk like pilgrims to Mecca.”

Yes–it really, really said that. In a NEWS article. By a reporter.

Okay–I’m done now.