Organizing Before Writing

I am not an organized, outlinish type of writer–but after reading this wonderful post, I find myself suddenly all cheesed up to start furiously mapping out plotlines and story arcs…enjoy!

Write Well E.P.S.

Writing can be a pretty smooth and straightforward process as long as you prepare before you begin writing. In my previous post, I talked about the act of researching and how to search for sources. Now, I’m going to discuss planning and organizing before you sit down to write or type that paper.

This probably goes without saying but before you begin planning your paper, it’s probably a good idea to have done some research and read all your sources. Additionally, while you were reading, I hope you took notes and you remember what each of the sources you want to use is about. At the very least, you should have highlighted the parts that you wanted to remember, especially if you want to quote them, and made comments throughout (but not in library books, please). A helpful tip is to create an annotated bibliography as you read. Create…

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