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I love the thought of doing this exercise…and off the top of my head, one of the number one reasons I write is to get that elusive “writer’s rush”–the feeling I get when I’m trying to express something, and suddenly all the words just click together like Legos, and my heart is semi-racing when I finish because I know I just totally NAILED it. Enjoy!


Some days ago, I came across this post on Oma’s blog (www.heygirrl.wordpress.com) where she ‘penned’ down her different reasons for writing. She said she wanted to keep the post as a reminder for herself especially when she’s experiencing writer’s block. I thought it was a great idea, as I was experiencing writer’s block at the […]

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  1. Aww…. So sweet! 😍🤗♥

    I can relate because I also feel like that sometimes.

    Sometimes the words just rush out, you can’t even contain the flow and other days, they come in trickles. Whatever the case, we keep putting our thoughts down hoping that they make sense.

    God bless you dear.

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