What Is the Point of Publishing Your Words?

My favorite line from this lovely post: “What matters is that you write to accomplish a goal, and doing so fulfills you in a way nothing else ever will.”

Meg Dowell Writes

What’s the point?

Why do you wake up every morning thinking about what you’re going to write today? What you might publish tomorrow? Where you want to be, professionally, in five years?

Does it even matter, if it might never reach even a fraction of your audience? If people don’t like or click on it? If your ideas always seem like lower-quality copies of other writers’ thoughts and creations?

Should you even bother?

Because writing takes up a lot of energy and time. Time you could easily spend doing other things, if writing ever turned out to be the total waste of time it often feels like.

You’ve had plenty of those days. We all have. Those moments, even, when you just want to stop trying, because it all seems pointless.

Except it isn’t pointless. And you know it.

Because the point of being a published writer is, quite literally…

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