Now I know why they call them “vanity plates”…

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 2.32.56 PMHello, dear readers. Normally, I try not to jump up on my soap box when blogging…but this morning, I saw something that really burned my biscuits.

Since moving to the southern coastal area of Maine, I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon: people really love their vanity plates up here. Most of them are some sort of reference to the sea, the beach, the ocean…that sort of thing. This leads me to believe that these are predominantly the snowbirds that are displaying these cutesy plates on what is probably their “summer car.” Life’s rough.

And I try not to judge.

Actually, I kind of judge a little bit.

Actually, I’m really pretty judgy.

But anyway–I digress.  Today while on my morning slog (those of you who have been following me for a bit know that this is the term I use for my bastardized version of running: slow+jog=slog), I passed by a red convertible parked in the driveway of a breathtakingly gorgeous home. Said convertible appeared to be brand spanking new, and while I didn’t note the make and model, let’s just all agree that it was probably worth as much as some condos in the area. And the license plate read: XS CASH.

Yes, really.

Damn, it must be so awful to be in such a position! To have so much cash floating about, you must take one for the team and go buy a high-end convertible (so that you don’t have to–God forbid–pay more taxes than you have to on all your millions). And of course, not only do you buy yourself this vehicle, you find it necessary to announce to all and sundry that you have found yourself in this abhorrent situation by getting a vanity plate that reads XS CASH.

If I weren’t so judgy, I might find it in my heart to feel bad for this misguided soul; surely he/she must not be aware of the myriad other things in the world that direly need funding? Like, oh, I don’t know…cure for cancer research? Clean water initiatives for third world countries? World hunger? Local hunger? Environmental crises? Mental health education and research? And on…and on….

I know. Judging.

But I’d like to think that were I in a position to need to “get rid of” my excess cash, a shiny new sports car would not be on my list of things to do with it. Or, at least I wouldn’t be trumpeting it about with such galling…well, vanity.