How to silence that inner whiner

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So, there I was this morning, slogging my way through a 30-minute torture session with Shaun T, he of Insanity workout fame. One of his oft-used slogans is “No Excuses,” which, really, should be everyone’s slogan for…well, everything worth doing. But, as I do my best to keep things writing-related here, let’s just apply this omni-applicational phrase (Like that? I just made it up, I think.) accordingly.

We all pretty much know that, in order to be a writer, you must (say it with me, everyone) WRITE EVERY DAY. And we all know (intimately, I’m sure) how very, very hard that can be. Because life. But let’s look at it this way:

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(Great notion; poor punctuation, I know. Let’s just try and ignore it, take away the message, and move on.) In other words, no matter how busy you think you are, if being a writer–and thus, writing daily–is of utmost importance to you, you will be able to shoehorn a block of time into your daily round in order to work at it. And if you find that this item on your agenda is still consistently overrun by other responsibilities and activities, perhaps it is not as important to you as you thought. If you’ve come to the latter realization, it’s time to take it at its face value and move on. Stop beating yourself over the head with something that just isn’t you anymore–or perhaps never was.

But if the thought of relinquishing the pen (er, keyboard) to less rewarding demands in your life, take a moment and come up with a concrete plan to make the time you need. And stick to it, by cracky. Even if it means starting out with just a brief daily journal entry–do it at the same general time every day, and if something comes up that unavoidably displaces your writing time, reschedule that block to later in the day immediately.

Full disclosure: I am still working at mastering this skill. I’ve found the hardest thing, the most difficult excuse for me to overcome, is lack of inspiration, which manifests itself as your basic “I don’t wanna” attitude. But what I’ve begun it trying to keep track of my daily “musings”–things that cross my mind while I’m exercising–and then sit down and write about them as soon as I can. It’s been working so far–this blog entry is case in point.

So–what are you waiting for? Go write something!