Limber Up Before Letting Loose: Prompt 8 and 9

writing practice
Can you believe we’re already at prompt numbers 8 & 9? And yes–I’m deviating from the normal procedure here by posting two prompts at once…but it will make sense once you’ve taken a gander at them. Per my usual modus operandi, I’ve included all of the previous prompts and my own responses below…and now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, let’s go write something!
8) Describe a routine or holiday ritual, using first person, present tense verbs.
9) Describe a different routine or holiday ritual, using the 2nd person “you”:
For example, “You stand in the steaming kitchen with people you haven’t seen in almost a year. You wish your shirt didn’t have that tiny stain on the cuff. You wish your aunt’s laugh wasn’t quite so brittle. Feet stomp on the porch and you hurry to let your tall uncle in, forgetting to keep the dog from escaping outside…”