‘How to Make Money Writing’ Has a More Complicated Answer Than You Might Expect

Meg Dowell Writes

It’s the question all beginners ask.

“How do I make money writing?”

It’s not a bad question. Most people just expect a simple answer.

The reality is, how to make money as a writer depends on too many factors for experts to be able to provide a simple answer to that one question.

Are you trying to make money through a blog? As an aspiring novelist? Are you experienced enough to sell services like coaching to newer writers? Are you expecting to be able to make a living as a freelancer within the first few months?

It doesn’t just depend on what you want to do. How far you want to go, how hard you want to work, to get there — within reason — also matters. Are you trying to turn a side hustle into a full-time gig by working nights and weekends in addition to your “real” job?…

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