#writeright #typotyrant

Two things going on here. I never point out the spelling error or typo, 'cause I figure if you're reading this, you'd rather find it yourself. But the other thing I'd like to point out is: would it really have been such a tedious task to type out "XXX-LARGE?"

#writeright #typotyrant

For the love of Pete--enough with the twofers already...it's enough to drive a girl to drink. How hard can it be to double check your spelling before you send the menu off to the printer? And--you know it's coming--if you aren't confident in your own skills, send it along to me. I LOVE this stuff. … Continue reading #writeright #typotyrant


How to get Published — sue powers

The first thing to do before you submit your manuscript for publication is to have it proofed and edited. Publishers demand it. I’ve heard publishers say that they send their authors’ books out seven times just to be proofread. So proofread everything before you submit. Of course this can be costly. So first ask a […] … Continue reading How to get Published — sue powers

Writing Tip: Know Your Points of View — KaylaAnn

The fact is, a lot of novice writers switch point of view unintentionally or without knowing that there are specific categories of Point of View. Knowing these categories can help authors decide which point of view is best for their story. For the experienced writers out there, this might be a refresher or old news, […] … Continue reading Writing Tip: Know Your Points of View — KaylaAnn

Editing Your Novel: Tips and Troubles — inkbiotic

  What a great post this is--really hits home. Especially regarding the blurb (or, the dreaded--cue scary music--ELEVATOR PITCH)... So, continuing my trek into self publishing (now to happen in just over two weeks, eek!) This week I want to talk about editing. One huge drawback to self-publishing over trad-publishing, is that you don’t get … Continue reading Editing Your Novel: Tips and Troubles — inkbiotic