Limber Up Before Letting Loose: Response to prompt #2

So for those of you that have been following along, I've attached my response to last week's prompt (see below); I'll be posting prompt #3 early next week. Describe a memorable event--positive or negative--and how it felt to you...but do not name the feeling. Instead, tell how it felt in your body (damp hands, metallic … Continue reading Limber Up Before Letting Loose: Response to prompt #2


Daily Prompt: Imagination

via Daily Prompt: Imagination Original post by D. Coddaire Imagination--a fickle friend; she walks amid the trees giving glimpses of her shine that bring you to your knees. A moment here, a moment there of bright and fierce desire to do, to make, to act upon this rare creative fire. If you are quick and … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Imagination

Daily Prompt: Bewildered

via Daily Prompt: Bewildered Most writers are insecure. I realize I'm probably asking for a bit of defensive backlash here by applying such a negative emotional label to our craft...and perhaps I should elaborate further by saying that most creative people are insecure. It stems from putting an intrinsic element of yourself, an extension of … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Bewildered