Limbering Up Before Letting Loose, Part 2

As promised, here is the second installment of this series--you can find the original post (with instructions) here. I will be posting my own responses to these prompts shortly--and feel free to send along your own! Here is this week's prompt: Describe a memorable event--positive or negative--and how it felt to you...but do not name the … Continue reading Limbering Up Before Letting Loose, Part 2

Cupid’s Cruelty

via Daily Prompt: Costume As my husband and I handed our coats over to the hostess at the restaurant we had chosen for our Valentine's Day dinner, I scanned the lobby area, which featured a crackling fireplace facing a virtual wall of windows. I couldn't help but imagine what the view must be like in … Continue reading Cupid’s Cruelty

Daily Prompt: Bewildered

via Daily Prompt: Bewildered Most writers are insecure. I realize I'm probably asking for a bit of defensive backlash here by applying such a negative emotional label to our craft...and perhaps I should elaborate further by saying that most creative people are insecure. It stems from putting an intrinsic element of yourself, an extension of … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Bewildered

Five Quick Fixes To Make Your Essay Better Right Now — BREVITY’s Nonfiction Blog

Not “feeling it,” but need to get some writing in? Don’t have time for a long sit at the coffee shop, but you might have fifteen minutes before carpool? Technical fixes are the way to go. 1. Check for “was verb-ing” constructions. In Microsoft Word, do a wildcard search: Open Advanced Find and Replace Check […] … Continue reading Five Quick Fixes To Make Your Essay Better Right Now — BREVITY’s Nonfiction Blog

Daily Prompt: Profuse

via Daily Prompt: Profuse From what I hear tell, the most common question asked of bestselling authors is the dreaded, "Where do you get your ideas?" I can only imagine how many times Stephen King (my hands-down all-time-favorite author) has been asked this little gem; with such a varied and profuse body of work, the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Profuse

Perusing Personification

by Deana Coddaire Daily Prompt: Dominant Funny how you really don't notice how ingrained certain habits are until someone brings it to your attention--and sometimes, when it happens, you realize said habit is a bit...odd. In my case, the habit in question is my tendency to personify pretty much everything and anything around me that … Continue reading Perusing Personification

When is a writer like a gymnast?

(Originally posted on writealready2017) When they stick the landing. OK...I know...worst punch line ever. But, hey--I never claimed to be a comedienne. And besides--it's true. But more on that momentarily. No matter what your preference as a writer--novel, memoir, essay, poetry--we are all trying to craft the best piece possible. Much like other endeavors (dance, … Continue reading When is a writer like a gymnast?